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creating our legacy

establishing our legacy

Texas A&M Legacies was established in November 2013  by two different groups of women that came together with the same vision. They shared the goal of leaving a legacy at Texas A&M University by giving back to the Bryan-College Station community, and empowering other women and girls. It was then that a new kind of women's organization was formed. In February 2014, Legacies became an officially chartered women's organization.
Texas A&M Legacies strives to create a community of women who are respected leaders. Though our aspirations often differ from each other, we are able to come together in unison to leave a legacy revolved around our pillars of passion, honor and community. Legacies is a community that encourages each woman to be eager to constantly learn and re-learn. To not just ask questions but also look for answers, and create them when none seem to exist. To take time to understand the depths of our morals and incorporate it into everything we invest in. To understand what it means to be a woman and what it means to support each other despite our differences. Texas A&M Legacies is a catalyst that provides the tools one needs to leave a legacy of their own.
We are leaving our legacy. 

Top row, left: Ashlei Fong-Kutchins '15, Kim Henrickson '16, Ashley Criswell '16, Paige Beyer '15, Brooke Stover '15, Allison Jarzombek '15, Jamie Peterson '15, Kristen Rehkopf '15, Carolyn Perez '16, Amanda Henry '16.

Bottom row, left: Lanie Jones '16, Alycia Ovalle '16, Lauren Coldwell '16, Katrina Corte '15, Suzanna Seargeant '15, Meghan De Amaral '15, Crystal Calhoun '16, Evangeli Inocando '16, Allison Autrey '15, Enid Escobedo '16, Morgan Sauseda '15. 

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