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service & philanthropy

The purpose of the Outreach committee is to give back to the place we call our home. From serving in different aspects of the community, to organizing our philanthropy event, we are able to truly make a difference in the Bryan/College Station area. Passion, Honor, and Community are the pillars Legacies stands for and we are here to display them in every way that we can.


public relations

The Public Relations committee strives to connect our brand directly to our values. The cursive L is synonymous with our pillars. This committee is safe space to try new things and tap into our creative endeavors. Through it all, we are producing T-shirts, posting on our social media, or holding selections banners, we work to ensure all external media and publications are adhering to our high standards. 


As a committee, Sisterhood strives to provide our girls with lifelong friendships and real-world resources through collaborative projects, fun retreats, and networking events with our organization's founders. Under the umbrella of Sisterhood, there are two branches: Internal Sisterhood and External Sisterhood. Internal Sisterhood focuses on strengthening the bonds between current Legz with fun weekly activities and relaxing group retreats that allow our women to pour into, empower, and equip each other in every capacity. External Sisterhood maintains the connection between the Legacies of past and present by facilitating mentor-ship programs for new girls, hosting weekend alumni functions, and creating a monthly newsletter highlighting the incredible work our gals are doing on campus.



Socials committee is all about rewarding our girls’ hard work and dedication throughout the year! We plan a multitude of events including mixers with men's organizations, date and crush parties, a Semi-Formal, an out-of-town Formal (did someone mention 'Austin'??), and a variety of other events ranging from pot lucks to a lazy afternoon by the pool! Countless of events full of laughs, new experiences, and most importantly, the endless memories that are made.


Selections committee consist of some of our most thoughtful Legacy women working to create the vision and process to select our newest members each fall. They work intentionally to create application questions that allows applicant to understand themselves better and make sure that women going further into our process feel comfortable and welcome in order to be their true selves. 

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